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𝗝𝗣𝗔𝗪𝗦 founded by

Dr. Onyekachi Onwudike-Jumbo provides 

Professional and Academic Writing, Research, and Coaching Services for individuals and organizations who struggle with or want to learn better writing and research methods.

My passion for writing and coaching began from a tender age when I started using writing as a social change tool in Primary School. I firmly believe that an outlet for solving problems is created when purpose is infused in research and writing. Unique events have led me to help people create the transformation they want to see by understanding the power writing and research hands over to them. The belief that things can change in any area of one’s life or sector when the pen is put to paper is one thing that has kept me dogged in this practice.

Admission and Personal Statement Service

Going through the admission process can be stressful and time-consuming. Many people struggle with the application process especially in putting words together for personal statements/essays, motivation letters or academic CVs. Instead of missing out on that admission because of these reasons, JPAWS offers services that take you through the admission process

When it comes to writing personal statements, applying to schools or preparing for admission interviews, JPAWS is here to help you go through the admission process with ease. With testimonials from clients who have successfully secured admission in different parts of the world, I am confident that I can walk you through the admission process. 

In 2011, I single-handedly applied to 23 different international universities, filled 23 application forms and secured 23 admissions in all universities of my choice because I communicated my value throughout the application and admission process. 

A little about  how JPAWS supports researchers and PhD students

For the past eight years, I’ve been working with PhD students. I teach them how to go through their PhD without feeling overwhelmed. I believe a PhD is a journey that no one should travel alone, and with the right strategies and support in place, anyone on this journey can go through it without losing themselves.

In the last six years, I have seen more PhD students drop out of the PhD program than complete it. This got me curious and made me interview some PhD students. The feedback I received was the same across the board - overwhelm, loneliness, lack of institutional and personal support, lack of clarity on what to do or steps to take, difficulty in balancing a PhD with other competing roles.

I am determined to make the PhD process smoother because I know what value research has brought to the world and why a framework that adequately supports PhD students outside of the university environment is needed. Therefore, I created PAS to help PhD students go through the PhD journey without feeling overwhelmed and unable to progress. I realised that what PhD students and researchers truly need isn’t the topic-specific tutoring, but the higher-level learning frameworks.

With a PhD from Loughborough University in Advanced Computer Science with a focus in Semantic Web Artificial Intelligence, an MSc from the University of Manchester in Artificial Intelligence, and a Degree in Computer Science from the Bells University; my passion for research and writing remains unrivalled. More importantly, I know what it is to manage and balance the competing and demanding roles of being a student, an employee, a mum, a homemaker, plus other roles that I get to play daily without being overwhelmed and not compromising excellence.

Therefore, if you consider getting into research and achieving a PhD, then PAS is undoubtedly for you.

Career Professionals Service

In line with leading industry practices such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, I have continued to help people get into their desired roles because of my unique belief that this service does not only help individuals get into their preferred positions but that a virtuous cycle is created when CV’s, cover letters, motivation statements or LinkedIn profiles are written beyond the moment and beyond specific job roles.

I liken my commitment to industry best practices that position clients for better roles to creating the perfect sales message for job seekers, c-suite professionals, executive directors and board directors.
Beyond creating the perfect sales message that sells clients using this service, I also coach clients, especially in breaking free from the limiting beliefs that prevent them from getting into strategic roles and prepare them for the interview process.

Grant and Business Proposal Services

Having applied for and won several grants and helped individuals win grants too; I help individuals and organisations apply and win grants using my professional grant service.
My service in this area involves:
  • Discovering grant opportunities for clients.
  • Helping them apply for suitable grants.
  • Supporting them through the grant application process.
Thus, JPAWS offers writing and consultancy services that help entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and start-up businesses looking for entrepreneurial grants, educational grants, healthcare and social impact grants, international development grants.
I have also helped individuals and organisations secure funding for businesses by developing well-thought-out and researched business proposals/plans that communicate business values to potential investors and backers. This service involves creating a clear business development roadmap unique to every application.
I am confident in my ability to help individuals from the proposal, bid, tender, business development, and capture industries to secure funds successfully.


Research and writing create an extremely powerful virtuous cycle because even though it may look inconsequential to some people, it lies at the nexus of the right ideas and the right words when the mind is trained to research and write from a place of purpose.

Onyekachi Onwudike-Jumbo PhD



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