When you infuse purpose in your writing and research, you create an outlet for solving problems

Onyekachi Onwudike-Jumbo 

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is the only Professional and Academic Writing, Research  Coaching and Course Creation Service that helps individuals overcome the fear of writing and align with purpose when they write.


JPAWS covers your professional content writing needs.  
Using various writing styles and armed with various tools, JPAWS provides content that establishes you as a thought leader and helps you create content that intellectually and professionally stimulates your audience. 
Our professional services cover providing advice, information and creating relevant and innovative content for individuals and organisations.
Some of our professional writing services include:
  • Business Letters
  • Motivation Letters
  • CV/resume services 
  • Executive Summaries
  • Grant Writing services
  • Digital Content Writing 
  • Statements of Purpose
  • Book and E-Book writing
  • LinkedIn content creation
  • Business document creation
  • Development of white papers
  • Proofreading and Copyediting
  • Development of case studies
  • Newsletter and Brochure creation
  • Creation and design of pitch decks
  • LinkedIn page creation and revamps
  • Creation of bespoke business plans and proposals
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JPAWS DOES NOT engage in ghostwriting academic services, contract cheating or write assignments for people, as this constitutes plagiarism. However, using a range of best educational writing practices, guidance and coaching; JPAWS will assist you academically during the writing phase in the following ways:
  • Referencing 
  • Publishing articles
  • Academic Applications
  • Academic Writing Support
  • Developing PhD proposals
  • Academic research practices
  • Developing academic statements
  • Journal and conference paper publication
  • Academic Teaching and Mentoring Services
  • Academic Scholarship and Fellowship applications
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Research is such a powerful tool in the hands of any individual or organisation. However, different people struggle with research in different ways. Therefore, JPAWS takes her research services seriously considering that new knowledge is uncovered each time there is a research opportunity, and quality assurance is at the forefront of what we do. 
To help with your research needs, JPAWS offers the following services:
  • Data mining
  • Data extraction
  • Market research
  • Brand research
  • Online research
  • Individual research
  • Academic research 
  • Consultancy Services
  • Organisational research support
  • Making connections with research funding databases
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JPAWS provides training and coaching services in professional and academic writing and research.
Since anyone can deliberately develop and improve the skills needed for writing and research; appropriate training and coaching practices are in place based on individuals’ competency levels.
With bespoke guides, materials, frameworks and strategies that work, individuals can get through the challenges and mental blocks associated with research and writing.
If you’ve ever wondered whether you can write or research, or you’ve always wanted to improve your writing and research skills, then take advantage of JPAWS coaching and training services.
JPAWS provides personalised, group, and organisational training and coaching

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Perhaps you have knowledge and skills you want to share with the world as a course or communicate complex theories you want developed in a course format. Perhaps You don’t know how to go about writing well-researched course content that sells and establishes you as a thought leader in your field, or maybe you don’t know what topics to include in your course that sets you apart from other course creators.
If you’ve ever wondered how you can write a course from start to finish without feeling overwhelmed, then you should hire JPAWS. JPAWS will help you transform that idea into consumable content with the most important ideas that you can monetize and generate continuous income from.



This is beyond a clarity session. The solution session is a 90-minute personalised deep-dive session to help you with idea generation for your career, book, project, research or business. It involves empowering you with clear and achievable goals that enable you to take action. I take you through a journey of where you are and where you can be.
This session is for people who know they need help with:
  • Getting ideas for developing the outline of their books/research
  • Need a boost to prepare for job and pitch interviews
  • Need the strategies to help them with quick writing and research
  • Feeling overwhelmed on ideas to pivot their businesses 
  • Developing and packaging a course
In this session, I will walk you through practical steps and hand you tools, strategies and resources to keep you focussed on the journey. More importantly, I help you uncover the goldmine you are sitting on and how you can use it as a powerful arsenal.  I like to refer to myself as an ARSENAL and a GOLDMINE. I see solutions in everything. I see opportunities all around me, and a solution session is a practical session to help you find these solutions and opportunities and align with them.
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Writing may look inconsequential, but it lies at the nexus of the right ideas and the right words 

Onyekachi Onwudike-Jumbo