Phd Academic Support  (𝗣𝗔𝗦) is designed only for PhD students and researchers looking to go through the phd program without feeling overwhelmed and armed with the right strategies to make progress consistently.

PAS is the most comprehensive Phd support program that empowers you to manage your workload, manage the overwhelm that comes with a PhD and find a balance between your competing responsibilities as a student, a family person, an employee, an employer or even a business owner with strategies, tools, accountability plans and a community of other PhD students.
It is the place for happy, motivated and inspired PhD students and researchers to stay tapped in, brainstorm with other PhD students who “get it” and get access to strategies, skills, tools and tactics to help you get through your program EQUIPPED, EMPOWERED, EASIER and FASTER.

PAS is for you if you: 

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