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Train the Expert

This course takes you through a step-by-step process required to develop students, provide feedback, and improve other individuals’ learning process.

It’s no longer enough to teach without committing to the effectiveness of students. It’s time to elevate your teaching practice if you are passionate about the quality of students being churned out.

If you are looking for ways to step into teaching, teach more effectively, produce better student outcomes and ensure that your students make a difference in the world, then this course is for you. It includes worksheets, guides, and interactive sessions.

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Finding healing through writing

This course is for anyone looking to heal from pain and bad experiences.
If you have carried pain in your heart for years, you will learn to heal from pain using writing as an outlet.
In this course, you will learn that writing is a powerful outlet to get out of pain and trauma.

This is a no-judgement course that will help you process pain better and write your way to healing and wholeness. It includes worksheets, guides, and interactive sessions.

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The Purpose-Driven Researcher

This course involves going into research with a purpose.
If you don’t understand why you are in research or how you should research or when to research or what to do in research, this course is for you.

You can never trump the power of purpose in research. This course takes you from not knowing how to research to making an impact using research as a positive outlet.

You will uncover your research voice, and you will understand how to dominate research areas using your unique research voice and style.
It includes worksheets, guides, and the exact tools you need to get into research and advance your research practices.

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Getting into PhD

This course takes you on a journey from writing your proposal, establishing rapport with potential supervisors, choosing the right schools, and the practices required of you as a student plus lots more.

Beyond the academic requirements, this course teaches you the soft skills you must have to get into a PhD and excel when you finally enrol in the program.

It is a comprehensive program for anyone who has ever thought about getting into research through the PhD route.

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The Ultimate guide for learning to write as a matured student

Going into school as a mature student can be daunting. This course is for people who have not been in education for a while and are looking to get into education or are already back in education and are struggling to grasp the process.

This course takes you through learning to write academically as a mature student and re-engaging with education as a mature student.

After this course, you will learn to leverage your power as a mature student in education and academic writing.

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The Writing Advocate

Do you find difficulties and problems all around you? Have you seen people you believe you can help but are not sure how to do this?

This course is for you if you like to speak up for yourself and others, but want to learn to use writing as a medium.

This course outlines all the steps you must take to advocate for your rights and others’ rights and trump bad practices in establishments and organisations. It also teaches you how to engage people using writing as a medium intelligently.

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Developing confidence for writing

You’ve always wanted to write and improve your writing skills, but still struggle to find what is appropriate for writing.

You feel you suck at writing and need to improve your writing practice, but you lack the courage to take the steps.

This course takes you through developing confidence in writing and writing content that gets noticed. From generating ideas to creating content that sparks interest, you learn the importance of the power of transformative writing.

This course includes guides, worksheets, and interactive activities that help you develop the confidence you need to emerge as a writer.

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The Strategic Business Writer

In this course, you will learn how to write business proposals, pitch decks, and business plans that get investors’ and backers’ attention.

You will also learn to support other people looking to put these documents together. You will learn to understand the power of strategy when writing business documents.

This course takes you through an entire road map for developing your business writing skills. It teaches you to write and communicate concisely and clearly. It includes guides, worksheets, templates, interactive sessions and lots more.

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The unrivaled email writer

In this course, you will learn how to write emails and communicate effectively. You will learn to communicate with different people and organisations by leveraging the power of email.

You will learn the psychology of email writing, including why so many emails are ignored and only a few are responded to.
You will understand the power of applying the right email strategy and how to develop sections and content that connect with different people using this strategy.

This course takes you through an entire road map to develop your email writing skills and communicate effectively in emails. It includes guides, worksheets, templates, interactive sessions and lots more.

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